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Yes, You Can Do 80% of Your Morning Routine in Bed


I wanted to write this email to share something I’ve learned with you.

Some time ago I got tired of never completing my morning routine before my day gets going or always running out of time before I make it through the entire morning ritual. Always, rushing.

 Trying to run against time gets tiring after a while. It happens to the best of us.

Then, I had the opportunity to work from home due to the pandemic – and I went for it, I decided to put it to the test

The results, I felt so refreshed and gained so much clarity just from finishing my morning routine faster and with less hassle.

 I realized that there’s this ONE thing that made such a big difference for me when it comes to actually complete my morning routine.

It suddenly dawned on me how without this ONE thing, everything just falls apart…scrambling trying to remember if I forget to do one item or trying to make time for it later during the day — that never happens!

Yes, it is to do 80% of your morning routine in bed. That’s right — get most of it done before your feet touch the cold floor in the AM!

For me, success with my morning routine happens when I do most of it while I am still under my warm blankets. That way there is no shock to the body of a temperature fluctuation but also, you are still half asleep so your legs might not be fully functional :)–if you are like me, you are moving a lot slower in the morning too.   

If I don’t do 80% of my morning routine in bed then I get up and start doing other things, like turn on the water for tea, take the dog out for a walk, (if I had kids, tend to their needs), or getting breakfast ready or worse — check my work emails, once this happens –it’s a wrap! Everything falls apart from there. It’s no longer about me or about my agenda but the world’s agenda for me.

Here are some of the ways you can master your morning routine before you even get out of bed

  • Tip 1: Give yourself a few extra minutes in the AM. Wake up, drink a glass of water while in bed — you did put it there the night before, right? Of course, you did! Silly me for asking …

  • Tip 2: From there, say 3 things you are grateful for today…I like to actually pull up the HitSavers app and write my 3 things. Then I list 3 things I will do that will make today great. Helps with prioritizing what to tackle first

  • Tip 3: Now, close your eyes — time to be silent, time to meditate –while still in bed! I lay down, but you can sit up if you want. Immediately after meditation, jump right into visioneering. Visualizing your goals. Imagining you have achieved that goal and it feels darn good! Next, say your affirmation, read it out loud or quietly to yourself if your partner is still asleep. Have a book or bible on your nightstand, now spend a few minutes reading a page or two

  • Tip 4: Now you can get out of bed, make your bed — because it is time for you to exercise or do a quick stretch to help wake the body up and get the blood flowing…from there…

  • Tip 5: You shower — don’t forget the last 30 seconds ice-cold for full wakefulness and alertness for the remainder of the day.

Over to you, Morning Enthusiast! Have you mastered your morning routine before you even get out of bed?

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