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On the podcast, we discover an innovative approach to personal development that not only inspires you to change behaviors but digs deep into the subconscious that formed these behaviors during childhood. The goal is to move into a new realm of purpose, potential, and power.

Your First Tiny Habit: A Glass Of Water When You Wake Up The Power Of A Habit Can Control Your Destiny!

Best Morning Routine is helping entrepreneurs worldwide create winning morning routines and habits to optimize their performance with minimal time, effort, and frustration.


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I want to ask you a few questions. Do you suffer from A.N.T. – automated negative thoughts? Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning and don’t put in the effort to make up the bedding? Are you pressing the snooze button more often than you should, only to wake up and scroll through your social media accounts?


If so, you are not alone; in fact, I was once you. I would lie in bed for fifteen or more minutes thinking about how tired I was and another ten minutes thinking about my next alcoholic drink. I would ruminate in my unhappiness with where life had taken me every morning until it was a well-formed habit.


Realizing how unhealthy this was, I set out to change this habit. I started doing nine things that revolutionized my mornings, and I am here to share them with you. 


My deepest desire is for you to take the information and use it to build better habits by understanding human behavior and performance.


We look at how habits are formed and shaped by understanding the underlying aspects that affect our psychology, neuroscience, as well as our habits and behaviors on a daily basis.

9 Daily Rituals that Help me & the Successful Entrepreneurs on my Podcast Win the Day!

9-actionable items, done in 9-minutes in the morning that can improve the quality of your day—your life!

I have taken the writing, research, and interviews conducted with successful entrepreneurs over the past five years and put them into one cohesive, powerful habit-building app.