Best Morning Routine Ever

What Does hitsaver Stand for

What Does hitsaver stand for



     I have to ask, how do you spend the first 10 minutes of your day? You see, most people spend it hitting snooze, grunting and rolling over to get dressed and rushing out to the door. What if that time was spent making yourself a better person? 

    What if you woke up 10 minutes before you needed to each day and work on yourself. C:\Users\carlyle\Downloads\Best Morning Routine Ever (40).png

    What if you meditated? Instead of scrolling through social media!

    What if you decided to work out for five minutes to get your heart rate up?

     What if you took a cold shower to give you more of that alert feeling? 

    Well, morning enthusiasts Look no further because the hit savers app has nine actionable items done in nine minutes to improve the quality of your day.

    Here we go. Each acronym stands for habit. 

     H which stands for hydration, hydrating first thing in the morning.

     The I stands for I am grateful journal, where you get to list out three things you’re grateful for.

     T stands for Time’s up. Make your bed 

    S is for silence that is intentional silence and meditation 

    A is for affirmation  

    V is visioning, it’s visualizing with a twist.

     E is for exercising and getting the heart rate up to give you energy throughout the day. 

    R is for read, where you read to stimulate the mind to learn and to grow. 

    The last one is S for shower, making the last 60 seconds of your shower ice cold to boost up your immune system, burn fat, increase metabolism and of course, give you that boost of alertness.

     So with no further ado, let’s jump right into the acronym T. T stands for time’s up again. 

    The subconscious mind is the habitual mind. And our brain is designed this way to protect us because we cannot possibly be cognizant of every stimuli of every action. In a very thought that’s going on a more rounder speed will be too overwhelming. And so the subconscious mind is designed to protect us. Now the goal is to live in the conscious mind where we are present where we are creative when we are in the moment and habits of being formed without our permission. So it’s crucial that we form better habits.

     So today I want to talk about making your bed. Why is it important to do that one simple task first thing in the morning?

    C:\Users\carlyle\Downloads\Best Morning Routine Ever (41).png

     Well, I like to say a made up bed is a made up mind, put simply is you have decided that morning to start your first act of productivity and to accomplish your first act and that will breed more productivity throughout the day. But it also increases your willpower and willpower is your most important habit because it helps you do better in all aspects of your life. And you can only strengthen your willpower by finishing what you start. And the perfect way to practice on a daily basis is to picture yourself getting ready for bed. You put on your PJs and you brush your hair. People have nightly routines that they do before going to bed right? Well you get into bed and you sleep but you get up.

     You didn’t make your bed you didn’t finish what you started!!

    You never finished the sleep cycle.  If you start by finishing that sleeping cycle, that will increase your willpower. And if you willpower is strong it will help you make better decisions throughout the day because willpower is not at your will. It is not at your beck and call. You can’t just call on it and it’ll be there for you. 

    And it starts with making your bed in the morning. And that’s the beauty of it. And this is in the app. For you. It is one of the actionable items that I incorporated in the app.

    silver Android smartphone

    This app is for you guys and I am so excited for you to experience it with me. Follow us on social media and listen to the podcast and find out more about the other actionable items!!

    Have a wonderful day! 

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