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thoughts become things

Thoughts Become things


  • Thoughts Become Things

    Let’s discuss how our thoughts become things. You see, we are all blessed at birth with spiritual forces of power which cannot be denied or stifled.  A force which will guide you to find your destiny. What is it you ask?

    Allow me to introduce you to a great power which is under your control, a power which is greater than poverty and greater than all your fears combined. It is the power to take possession of your own mind and be able to direct it. 

    This profound power is a gift from the Creator Himself. It is the only thing you and I have complete authority over to control and steer to whatever direction we may desire. You see when you speak of your poverty and I speak of my last worthiness we are simply directing our mind to attract these unwanted circumstances. 

    It’s time to get a new outlook on life. It’s time to set a goal for yourself so far above your previous achievements that it will not only shock you but your friends and family when they hear about it. 

    floating green leaf plant on person's hand

    This life is yours.

     Let me outline some of the blessings and benefits you will enjoy if you take control over your mind: 

    1. Peace of mind

    2. Freedom from fear and worry

    3.  Positive mental attitude

    4.  Good health

    5. You will have the choice to choose your work and how you add value to the world around you

    6. You get to decide how much money you make

    7. Now, as you can imagine, if you neglect to take possession of your mind, you will experience the opposite view: doubt, frustration, discouragement, ill health, poverty, jealousy, envy, hatred, and anger. 

    Now, my mission is to serve you and everyone who needs my help to live out the blessings which come from attaining possession of your mind. 

    So, how do you do this? 

    empty spiral notebook near keyboard and pen

    Well, first things first, you will need a notebook, a notebook to write out your goal. So on page one of that notebook, you will write down a clear description of your major desire in life; the one thing you are willing to accept as your idea of success. 

    Remember as you write down your goals that your only limitations are those you set up for yourself in your own mind or you have allowed others to set for you. So sky’s the limit, here.

    This is only the start and the first chapter, stay with us and follow us and we will help guide you to a better life that you deserve. 

    III Adventures and lessons learned text on open book page

    Your life, your destiny. 

    Alright y’all, I will see you at the top of your Best Morning Routine, Ever! 

    Stay Blessed! 


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