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Belief System

How To Change Your Belief System To Build Lifechanging Habits


  • A bad habit cannot be tossed out the window…

     I want to share with you the power of our beliefs. What is a belief, anyway?

    The definition above is my favorite definition of belief because it is truly about the negative meanings we give to the things that happen to us. It is the “little voice” inside our heads that can limit our biggest achievements.

    Beliefs + Repetition = Identity

    Do any of these resonate with you right now:

    • Have you ever found yourself wondering why you aren’t as successful as you’d like to be?

    • Are you lacking the crystal clarity on what you really want from life and how to get there?

    • Have you ever put off the opportunity to pursue your goals, or told yourself it’s “not the right time” to go after them?

    • Do you already know what path you want to take, and what steps you need to get there… but it feels like an invisible force is holding you back from moving forward?

    These are just the symptoms of your belief system (your, bs).

    The good news is, the right beliefs can help us tap the richest resources deep within us, creating and directing these resources in the support of our desired outcomes.

    3 Beliefs for Lasting Success

    1. It must change now.

    2. I must change it now.

    3. I can change it now.

    Any belief, behavior, thought, or feeling that is consistently reinforced will become a habit.

    Now your turn, answer this: How does your entire state of being get programmed into a very predictable future based on what you experienced in the past?


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