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Are you growing extremely slow in your business plan because of wearing all the hats yourself? You are experiencing mental exhaustion and burnout by trying to execute everything important to your business.
Initially, you don’t have the appropriate funds and resources to hire top-notch talent. Also, it’s taking so much of your time.
Take my ultimate deal to get going. Start working on all the beautiful aspects of your skill. Leave the rest to me.

My foolproof cheat sheet for all

So let me take you through all the services I provide to make your dream come true. In a relatively easy way. So easy that it’s like I’m walking you through by holding on to your hand.

Make Podcast Services Work for You

Podcasts are a very beneficial way to increase your brand awareness to the masses. I am a podcast editor and a perfect one at that. Our team will guide you and edit any podcast for you.
We promote new podcasts to increase downloads and their ratings. This could give you an edge and boost your morale. We optimize (SEO) podcast show notes and blogs for better search engine performance.

How to Increase Business with Online Presence

Establishing a social media presence of your brand or business model is essential nowadays. We can’t disagree that it is a trend.  And hey, let’s face it. We all love social media, then why not increase our reach through it. 


Facebook and Instagram promotion


We make your Instagram and Facebook favorite with a fantastic page layout. Not just promotions, it directly affects your revenue by increasing your members/followers.


I grew my Facebook page to over 3.4k members in just three days. And my Instagram followers grew to 2k in just seven days!


YouTube channel monetization


A great YouTube channel is a lot of hard work and time taking tasks.


I monetized my YouTube channel in just five days – That’s over 1k subscribers and 4k hours of watch time.


So, we will promote a YouTube channel to help make its monetization easy.


Website Design


A good website design enhances the user experience and makes them read through all the beneficial information you provide. We design websites in a way that will be the most fantastic part of your business. The response from an attractive website is just marvelous.


SEO-Google analytics-Google webmaster tools


Also, the website’s search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for that first-page ranking.


We also perform google analytics to help you track the ROI. It helps you check your site’s traffic, measure performance, and shine in searches.


Updated sitemap


We will give you a detailed sitemap. we provide complete information about the pages, videos, images, and other files for everything on your website.




We provide the file to instruct search engine robots on what to crawl and what not to crawl.


SEO website content or blogs


We provide high-quality SEO web copy which is highly engaging and compels your audience to get to know your business in a better way. The content will define you and connect you with the right target audience.

The Modern Rules of Business Development: Services

I work well with not just the top-rate but also the most underrated skills that will take you to the top with a business development plan.


I provide valuable tools for a business start. My business development agency helps with business plans to suit individual needs. 


Grant proposals and fund development


Will help with grant proposals and fund development in the start-up phase.


Highly organized Pitch deck


The Pitch deck is so so crucial for your business. We organize it specifically to the target audience with the appropriate forum or platform to which it is being presented.


Lean canvas


This one is a game changer. Our business plan simplifies the whole process and gives you a super effective business model on just one sheet.


Create/design lead magnets


We design exciting ideas for the audience to get compelled to give information in exchange for valuable and exclusive content. 


It could be a webinar, an eBook, a podcast, templates, quizzes, or case studies.

Mission, Goal, and Value
It’s time for you to get up and get going. With us!

To combine it all, my mission is to support, inspire and elevate your success rate. You can do wonders in your business with the right technology strategy with exceptional skill.

I aim to ensure you benefit from my business plan and what I have compiled from my vast experience in business development and growth knowledge.

All the young lads starting with their dream projects or the business professionals carrying an idea in their heart and mind should be coached to ease things out for them.

They need a mentor and a guide to help them create adequate spaces to unload their worries and take care of the only things that matter the most to their business.

It keeps the community in a good state of mind, putting their mental health at optimum performance.

I encourage every age group to start without any fear. Trying is the only key to keeping it going. I want to give innovative and fresh ideas relating to business development.

By being exact and specific about your goals, you create a path for yourself that will lead to sure-shot success.

I cater to the idea that everybody can do great at what they do if guided in the right direction. I want to make sure they do get that direction through me.

Work smarter, not harder. I coach to give small achievable goals through a timely series of actions. This way, you do not lose focus on your work.

Creative processing, the right attitude, and laying a solid foundation of excellence and not perfection is effective business building.

I want to impact business-minded people all around the globe. Create, craft, and get involved with them in a customized business development plan.

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Show Up & Grow Your Business

If you stay on purpose, you’ll never stumble!

Our Show Up Program Assist and guide you in running your business by helping you clarify the vision of your business and how it fits in with your personal goals.

Boost your business & take it to that next level. Get personalized, one-on-one business development.

We offer growth plans, business strategies, constructive feedback, and personalized advice to accelerate your business growth and revenue.

Mentor individuals who are self-employed and entrepreneurs to produce lean canvas, business plans, execute these plans and ensure you stay on purpose so you’ll never stumble.

The Show Up program is your ultimate tool to achieve massive results!

Show Up & Grow Your Business​: two people talking over table

Our Show Up Program helps entrepreneurs build stronger, more profitable businesses from the ground up, advising executives and owners as they go through the process of setting up their business.

If the lack of vision, ambiguity, and uncertainty make it hard for you to move forward, you need tools, support, and guidance – you have come to the right place. We can help you get up, dress up and show up to live your purpose. Take your gifts, talents and turn them into a money-making machine. Go from idea to launch!

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